Columbus Regional Hospital Ambulance Service

Columbus Regional Hospital EMS provides 9-1-1 response and ALS/BLS transport services throughout Bartholomew and Brown Counties. Six of their 12 apparatus are centrally located in Columbus while the rest are efficiently located around the two counties.


CRH Central EMS Base - Central Avenue and 27th Street
This EMS Station is home to three frontline and three reserve apparatus. The base is only manned during daytime and at night M-2 responds from the CRH Emergency Room. Medics 5 and 6 run transport/transfer during daytime hours. This building previously served as Columbus Fire Station 2 until that firehouse was relocated to the airport in 2008.

Medic 1 - 2012 Ford E450/Horton (#15475) ALS Ambulance
M-1 responds from Columbus Fire Station 1 in downtown Columbus. Medics 1-4 respond as the 9-1-1 ALS Ambulances for the entire county.

Medic 2 - 2011 Ford E450/LifeStar remount (RM606)/2002 Braun (#3463)
Medic 2 responds during the day from their central EMS base. At night the crew and their rig move to the CRH Emergency Department and respond from the hospital.

Medic 3 - 2007 Chevy/2008 Braun (#5042)
M-3 responds from Columbus Township Station 221 on the city's south side.

Medic 4 - 2008 Chevy/Braun (#5133)
M-4 responds from Columbus Fire Station 5 on the city's far west side.

Medic 6 - 2005 Ford E450/Braun (#4376)
M-6 responds from this EMS base and serves as the BLS primary transport/transfer ambulance. While not yet pictured, M-5 responds from this EMS base and serves as the ALS primary transport/transfer ambulance and 9-1-1 backup.

Reserve Medic 9 - 2005 Ford E450/Braun (#4341)
This apparatus previously served as Medic 1.

Reserve Medic 10 - 1997 Ford E450/Wheeled Coach (#973264)
Medics 9, 10 and 12 are kept at the EMS base and serve as the Bartholomew County Reserves.

Reserve Medic 12 - 1997 Ford E450/Wheeled Coach

Not Yet Pictured: Medics 7 and 8 serve as the ALS, 9-11 response ambulances in Brown County. Medic 11 serves as the reserve for Brown County.