Marion Fire Department

Stations 4 - 6

The City of Marion is located 85 miles northeast of Indianapolis along IN-37 and I-69 in Grant County. Established in 1876, MFD is a career department that responds from 5 fire stations. The brave members of MFD provide Fire, Tactical Water, Dive and Confined Space Rescue, Hazmat and BLS protection to 31,000+ residents within the city limits. ALS transport is provided county-wide by Marion General Hospital EMS.


Station 4 - 1103 Bradford Street - Eastside
Built in 1961, Station 4 is home to Pump 4 and the former Ladder 1. It is located next door to Allen Elementary and protectsa largely residential area on the city's eastside all the way to I-69.

Pump 4 - 1994 Spartan/Ferrara Pumper - 1250gpm/500gal
Each of MFD's pumpers carry combi-tools for minor extrications in addition to their firefighting and EMS equipment.

Former Ladder 1 - 1982 Seagrave/FMC 100ft Aerial - 1000gpm/200gal
This apparatus was purchased used from a department in Pennsylvania to serve as MFD's primary aerial prior to the 2004 Pierce. The burgundy color scheme makes this rig stand out along with a hidden pump panel in the left front compartments. While this truck still runs great, its older aerial ladder is no longer certified for active use, leaving this truck as to serve only for Public Relations duty.

Station 5 - "Marion's Michaels" - 1704 Kem Road - Northside/Bypass
Completed in 2001, the city's newest firehouse is home to Engine 5. The 5's protects the city's northwest side including the busy IN-9/37 commercial corridor.

Pump 5 - 2006 Pierce Contender Pumper - 1500gpm/500gal tank
Pump 5's color scheme include a gold and green stripe down the side to match their Marion's Michaels dragonfighter logo..

Pump 5 - 2006 Pierce Contender Rescue Engine - 1500gpm/500gal tank

Station 6 - S. Adams Street at 33rd Street - Southside

Engine 6 - 2003 Spartan/S&S Custom Pumper - 1250gpm/750gal

Veterans Adminstration - Engine 70 - Pierce Dash Pumper
From 1980-1996, Marion's VA Medical Center had their own 15-man full-time fire department. This rig was used to protect their grounds during that time. MFD has since taken over those duties. For a while, this Engine was kept (as shown here) at Station 6 on the city's southside. It served as a reserve engine for MFD until the arrival of the new Engine 5 and has since been sold.

Note: MFD's former Station 3 was closed and no longer serves as an active station.