Marion Fire Department

Stations 4 - 5

The City of Marion is located 85 miles northeast of Indianapolis along IN-37 and I-69 in Grant County. Established in 1876, MFD is a career department that responds from 5 fire stations. The brave members of MFD provide Fire, Tactical Water, Dive and Confined Space Rescue, Hazmat and BLS protection to 31,000+ residents within the city limits. ALS transport is provided county-wide by Marion General Hospital EMS.


Marion Fire Station 4 - 1103 Bradford Street - Eastside
Built in 1961, Station 4 is home to Engine 4 and a reserve Engine. It is located next door to Allen Elementary and protects a largely residential area on the city's eastside all the way to I-69.

Engine 4 - 1994 Spartan/Ferrara Pumper - 1250gpm/500gal
Each of MFD's pumpers carry combi-tools for minor extrications in addition to their firefighting and EMS equipment.

Reserve Engine - 1999 HME/Welch Custom Pumper - 1250gpm/750gal
This apparatus originally served as Engine 2, bt was replaced in 2014 with the new black-over-red HME Engine. It now resides at Station 4 and serves as a reserve apparatus.

Reserve Engine - 1999 HME/Welch Custom Pumper - 1250gpm/750gal

Station 5 - "Marion's Michaels" - 1704 W. Kem Road - Northside/Bypass
Completed in 2001, the city's newest firehouse is home to Engine 5. The 5's protects the city's northwest side including the busy IN-9/15 commercial corridor.

Pump 5 - 2006 Pierce Contender Pumper - 1500gpm/500gal tank
Pump 5's color scheme include a gold and green stripe down the side to match their Marion's Michaels dragonfighter logo..

Pump 5 - 2006 Pierce Contender Rescue Engine - 1500gpm/500gal tank

Note: MFD's active apparatus stations are 2,4,5 & 6.