Shirley Volunteer Fire Department

Station 11

Shirley is located just between SR-234 and SR-109 & I- 70 in northeast Hancock County and Western Henry County. Main Street is literally the county line. Established in 1890, Shirley VFD provides Fire, Rescue, and BLS protection for the Town of Shirley and parts of Brown Township and Greensboro Townships. SVFD is staffed with 25 trained and professional volunteers who protect approximately 1,000 residents and 40 square miles from their single station.


Fire Station 11 - Downtown Shirley
The Town was incorporated in 1890, and nearly destroyed by fire in 1908. The fire claimed at least two lives and burned downmost of the downtown businesses. The Town built a water system in 1910 and a hose cart was bought to supplement the hydrantsthat were installed. The first fire truck was a homemade chemical truck constructed in 1925. The first pumper was built by Howe Fire of Anderson in 1927 and is now owned privately by an Indianapolis businessman. The current trucks are white, dating back to the department's third pumper from 1956 (shown on the retired rigs page). The lime green engines here were purchased used and did not require rennovation and therefore, were not repainted. Covering two counties adds two separate 911 centers and radio systems to make communications and mutual aid challenging.

Engine 11-1 - 2008 Sutphen S-1 Shield Series Pumper - 1500gpm/1000gal
Engine 11-1 is the first out apparatus for all Fire and Extrication calls.

Engine 411 - 2008 Sutphen S-1 Shield Series Pumper - 1500gpm/1000gal

Engine 412 - 1991 E-One Cyclone Pumper (#9010) - 1250gpm/1000gal
This apparatus was purchased from Danville, WV in 2014. It was already white, but had blue stripes prior to a change to the SVFD color scheme.

Engine 412 - 1991 E-One Cyclone Pumper (#9010) - 1250gpm/1000gal

Engine 412 - 1991 E-One Cyclone Pumper (#9010) - 1250gpm/1000gal

Engine 413: 1978 Ford/Grumman-Howe Pumper - 1000gpm/500gal
Engine 413 is the second-out rural engine and reserve truck in the event the other engines are out of service. This truck was purchased in 2005 from the Greenfield Fire Department where it had a previous life in lime green. This rig was renovated in-house with volunteer labor.

Engine 413 - 1978 Ford/Grumman-Howe Pumper - 1000gpm/500gal

Tanker 415 - 1999 GMC/S&S - 750gpm/2100gal
Tanker 415 responds on all out of town fires and is equipped for first attack fire suppression if manpower is an issue during the day.

Tanker 415 - 1999 GMC/S&S - 750gpm/2100gal

Ambulance 411 - 2014 Ford E-450/2015 PL Custom - Type III
The Wilkinson and Shirley Town Councils entered into a joint venture to provide BLS transportation to this district after the local private service went out of business. The truck housed in Shirley is manned by on-call personnel and covers all of Brown Township and Northern Jackson Township in Hancock County, and Western Greensboro Township in Henry County. A second unit (Ambulance 98) is kept as backup at nearby Wilkinson VFD.

Ambulance 411 - 2014 Ford E-450/2015 PL Custom - Type III

BLS Ambulance 418 (x11-8) - 2006 Ford E-450/MedTec
Ambulance 418 was purchased in December 2006 and served as the first-due ambulance until a new rig was purchased in 2014. It is now the reserve ambulance and is often kept at the Wilkinson Station.

Special Thanks to Andrew Ebbert for helping arrange for these pictures and for providing SVFD history and background.