Clay Fire Territory

Station 23

Engine - Tanker - Tactical Rescues


Clay Fire Territory Station 23 - Portage Rd and Conrad Street
Located at 51775 Portage Road, Clay Station 23 serves the German Township Community and covers approximately 15 square miles, including 2.5 miles of the St. Joseph River, and automatic aid to the South Bend Regional Airport. The response area for this district is Pine Road to the West; Laruel Road to the East; the Michigan State Line to the North; and the City of South Bend & Edison Road to the South. This firehouse was originally built in 1964 and served the German Township Fire Department. Upon their merger in 2007, this firehouse was completely renovated and a bay was added to the right side.

Engine 23 - 2013 E-One Typhoon Pumper (#138159) - 1500gpm/1480gal/50B foam
This apparatus includes side dump chutes and can act as tanker. It also carries extrication tools. E23 was the first of 4 E-One engines that have been purchased since 2013.

Engine 23 - 2013 E-One Typhoon Pumper (#138159) - 1500gpm/1480gal/50B foam
All of Clay’s engines are identical operationally. The only outward difference between E23 and the others is that e23 has the E-One trademark diamond plate around the rear wheels, whereas the others don't.

Tanker 253 - 1996 International/US Tanks - 500gpm/2500gal

Tactical 3 - 2000 Ford F-550/Hackney (F00629)
This apparatus was previously assigned as Tactical 261, 262 and then TSU-263. It was reassigned in 2010 as a light rescue apparatus that is cross-manned by the Truck 21 crew for rescue calls. It was reassigned in 2012 to station 3. This rig features a 4500watt light tower, cord reel and 10KW generator. Tac-3 provides Air and Light support for largers incidents at CFT.

Tactical 2 - 1999 Sterling Acterra/Renke - Confined Space and Tactical Rescue Trailer
This unique rig was originally given to Aurora, Illinois to use as a MABAS truck, but it was never put in service. Clay acquired this truck in 2010 and it responds with Confined Space Rescue Equipment.

Tactical 2 - 1999 Sterling Acterra/Custom Confined Space and Tactical Rescue Trailer

Station 243 adopted this sharp logo in 2011