Grissom Air Force Reserve Base Fire Department

Grissom Air Reserve Base is located 60 miles north of Indianapolis along US-31 in southwest Miami County. This full-time department provides Fire, Rescue, Crash Rescue and Hazmat protection to the entire Grissom Campus. Their unique response district includes military and civilian buildings and homes.


2006 Pierce Saber 4x4 Medium walk-around Rescue
This rig is typical of the new style rescues ordered by USAF bases around the country. It's tall height allows it to go offroad (or off runway) to respond to any incident. Note the handles and steps all long the side due to it's compartment height.Along with Ladder 7 and Engine 8, this rig regularly responds to it's own civilian response area off base.

Former Rescue 5 - 2002 Freightliner FL70/Pierce P30 medium rescue

Ladder 7 - 2005 E-One Typhoon 75ft Quint - 1250gpm/750gal/50gal class A&B Foam
In order to meet FAA standards, 17 full-time firefighters are required to man the equipment at Grissom. In order to offset the cost of keeping this manpower, GFD also protects their own civilian response area off-base.

Engine 8 - 1996 KME Excel Pumper - 1500gpm/750gal
Engine 8 is the second-out apparatus for most fire and rescue incidents.

Engine 8 - 1996 KME Excel Pumper - 1500gpm/750gal

Utility 11 - 1985 Dodge 4x4 Pickup

Mini 12 - 1991 Ford F-350/Fire Bann 500gpm/175gal
Mini-Pumper 12 responds as a back-up rescue and the department's brush truck.

Hazmat 14 Trailer
Hazmat 14 is one of several trailers at GFD that can be pulled behind this standard-issue USAF International Stake-bed truck.

Air Unit 17

Chief 1 - 2003 Chevy Tahoe Command Vehicle

Chief 2 - 1996 Chevy Suburban

Not Yet Pictured: A new Tanker 8 (expected in 2007), Utility 9, and Engine 10 Special Thanks to Asst. Chief John Ireland and FF Dennis Drapp for their help in arranging these pictures and for providing department background!