Vincennes Township Fire Department

Station 7

The oldest city in Indiana, Vincennes is located 122 miles west-southwest of Indianapolis along the Illinois State border in Knox County. It lies nearly midway between Terre Haute and Evansville at the crossroads of US-50 and US-41. Formed in 1961, VTFD is a combination department with 8 career and 50 volunteer members responding from 4 stations. VTFD provides Fire, Rescue and BLS protection to 4,500 residents and 45 square miles in the outerlying portions of the city and the remainder of Vincennes Township.


Station 7 - Hart Street & Felt King Road just east of US-41
Located on the east side of town just east of US-41, Station 7 serves as VTFD Headquarters. Built in 1966 with an addition in 1998, it is also the department's largest station. The 7's is home to Engine, Ladder, Rescue, Tanker and Truck 7 and is manned 24/7.

Engine 7 - 2011 Ferrara Ember Pumper #4761 - 1250gpm/1000gal/30gal foam

Engine 7 - 2011 Ferrara Ember Pumper #4761 - 1250gpm/1000gal/30gal foam

Rescue 7 - 2009 Spartan Metrostar/SVI walk-around Heavy Rescue
This apparatus responds township-wide for vehicle extrications. It's front bumper has spot for extrication tool, plus a hydraulic reel and electrical reel. This sharp truck also carries air bags, 12 spare air bottles, a 25kw PTO generator and an 8000 watt light tower.

Rescue 7 - 2009 Spartan Metrostar/SVI walk-around Heavy Rescue

Ladder 7 - 1997 Pierce Quantum 75ft Aerial - 1500gpm/500gal
This former Pierce demo truck was purchased by the department in 1998 to replace the aging Duplex/Bean/Gove aerial at Station 6.

Tanker 7 - 2006 Volvo VT/2007 US Tanker - 500gpm/3000gal

Truck 7 - 2006 Ford F-350 4x4 Crew Cab
Truck 7 serves as both a medical assist response and Command vehicle for VTFD.

Car 704 - 2006 Ford Five Hundred - Deputy Chief

Car 701 - 2001 Ford Explorer Command Vehicle - Chief of the Department

Former Rescue 7 (now R5) - 1998 Freightliner FL-70/SVI walk-around rescue

Former Engine 7 - 1991 Pierce Dash Pumper - 1250gpm/1000gal
E7 was the first of two nearly identical Pierce Dashes purchased in the early 1990's. The other served at E-5 before replacing this rig in 2009. This apparatus was then sold by the department to Noble, Illinois in 2009.

Station 7 with previous apparatus

Special Thanks to Corbin Doades at Station 5 for his help in arranging the rigs for these pictures!