Greensburg Fire Department

Station 1 - Part 2


Honda Engine - 2007 Sterling Bullet/2008 Unruh - 200gpm/200gal/50gal Foam
This apparatus responds first-due for all Fire/Rescue incidents on the 1700 acres of Honda campus on Greensburg's northwest side. neary I-74. The truck carries a Hurst combi-tool, POK sticks, a light tower and a portable generator. Both the Generator and the pump are Honda (of course). The Greensburg Honda plant has one of GFD's firefighters on duty 24/7/365. There is a regular rotation of GFD FF's who work at the main station and at Honda. During regular production shifts, the GFD FF responds only to fire incidents as The plant has their own medical team for any medical/EMS responses. However, during non-production times, the FF does it all - Fire & EMS. The rig does not respond inside the plant as there are 2 Taylor-Dunn in-plant units, 1 Fire and 1 EMS. However, the in-plant fire unit has no pump or tank, just hose and tools. There are stand pipes set up every 200', so there is no reason for an actual pumper inside. On any incidents, the on-duty FF is automatically the IC until an officer from downtown arrives. In addition to this quick-response unit, Greensburg's main station is automatically dispatched to most fire/rescue incidents at the plant.

Honda Engine - 2007 Sterling Bullet/2008 Unruh - 200gpm/200gal/50gal Foam

Truck 18 - 2002 Ford F550/Owens (Corbin KY) - Light Rescue
This apparatus responds to Hazmat incidents throughout Decatur County.

Truck 10 - 2007 Chevy Silverado 4x4 Utility

Truck 10 - 2007 Chevy Silverado 4x4 Utility with Rescue Trailer

Command 1 - 2008 Ford Expedition - Fire Chief's Vehicle

GFD Special Ops Trailer

Special thanks to Chief Scott Chasteen and FF Wenning for their assistance in arranging the apparatus for these pictures and for providing department background and history.