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Volunteer Fire Department

The Town of Foraker is located 28 miles southeast of South Bend along CR-142 @ CR13 in southeast Elkhart County. Established in 1950, this all-volunteer department provides Fire, Rescue and Medical First-Responder protection to Foraker and portions of Union Township.

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Foraker Fire Station - County Road 142 @ County Road
From this station, FFD protects the central portions of Union Township. Nappanee protects the southwest while Wakarusa protects
the northwest. Like nearby Nappanee, Foraker's newest rigs are numbered for the year they were acquired by the department.

Rescue 23 ds
Rescue 23 - 2003 Kenworth/Marion walk-in Heavy Rescue
Engine 96 ds
Engine 96 - 1985 TopKick/1986 SPI 1000gpm/500gal
This apparatus was purchaed from South Bend FD in 1996 and serves as the second-due Engine company.
Tanker 87 ds
Tanker 87 - 1987 Ford C/S&S 1000gpm/1500gal
Due to it's large water volume, this apparatus serves as the departments first-due engine company in this rural district.
Tanker 94 ds
Tanker 94 - 1994 Volvo/S&S - 3500gallon
Brush 3 ds
Brush 3 - 1974 Chevy K20/FD 750gpm/250gal WAS used as a supply rig
Engine 1 ds
Engine 1 - 1966 Ford F/American - 500gpm/1000gal
Engine 1 was the second truck purchased by the department and is still in service as a reserve and third-due truck.
Engine 1 os
Engine 1 - 1966 Ford F/American - 500gpm/1000gal