Russiaville Patch

Russiaville Volunteer
Fire Department

The Town of Russiaville is located 45 miles north of Indianapolis along IN-26 in southwest Howard County. Russiaville's all-volunteer department includes 18 dedicated members who respond to Fire and Rescue calls. RVFD protects the Town of Russiaville, Honey Creek Township and two other townships in Howard and Tipton County. Their territory includes 36 square miles and approximately 2,500 residents.

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Engine  61

Engine 61 - 2004 Spartan Evolution/Crimson Fire - 1500gpm Hale pump with 1000gal tank
E-61 is the first out truck for all rescue and structure fire calls. This rig includes a 6 man cab and is fully equipped with
Hurst extrication equipment, a 15kw hydraulic generator, light tower, rear suction, laptop computer, RIT and TIC.


Engine 62

Engine 62 - 2004 International/Crimson Fire Pumper Tanker - 1250gpm/1500gallon tank
Engine 62 is the first out on apparatus for mutual aid calls. It generally runs second or third out on fire calls depending on
location. E-62's equipment includes a 5kw generator, TIC, 10" rear tank dump and a 2100 gallon portable dump tank.

Engine 62 - Tim jones

Engine 62 - 2004 International/Crimson Fire Pumper Tanker - 1250gpm/1500gallon tank

Tanker 61

Tanker 61 - 1999 Semo/Chevy 350gpm/2000 gallon tank
Tanker 61 responds first or second out on mutual aid calls and second or third out on structure fires. T-61's is equipped
with 3, 10" automatic dump valves and a 2100 gallon portable tank.

Squad 61

Squad 61 - 1986 McGinley/Ford Support Unit - 250gpm/250gal
Squad 61 responds as a support unit with extra equipment for specialty rescues and fire scene support. It's equipment
includes a 4 bottle cascade system, ice rescue sled, water rescue, haz-mat. It responds as fourth out on structure fires,
second out on PIs and rescues and second out on brush fires. Squad 61 also responds to mutual aid calls when requested.

Grass 61

Grass 61 - 1975 McGinley/GMC pressure pump, 250 tank
Grass 61 is first out for all brush and field fires in this largely rural community. This truck is specially equipped with a
front spray bar, front and rear jump lines, pre-connect and booster and various brush tools.

Palm Sunday Tornado Destroys Russiaville and it's Fire Department
On Palm Sunday April 11, 1965 seventy-eight tornadoes (38 significant, 19 violent, 21 killers) hit the Midwest. It was the deadliest tornado outbreak in Indiana history as 11 tornadoes struck 20 counties in central and northern Indiana, killing 137 people. More than 1,700 people were injured and property damage exceeded $30 million.. At just before 7:30pm, a massive tornado slammed into the town of Russiaville. 90% of the towns buildings and homes were destroyed, leaving several dead. The fire station was one of those completely destroyed and the Town's two fire apparatus were buried underneath the rubble of the concrete and brick station. The storm then churned into nearby Alto, obliterating it completely, before striking the southern edge of the larger city of Kokomo. As the tornado continued east, it killed ten more people in Greentown, most of whom had been riding in automobiles that were hurled across the landscape. More destruction ensued in Marion, Indiana, before the storm crossed into Ohio.

Special Thanks to Chief Brad Myers and FF Gale for their assistance in arranging these pictures and providing
RVFD background and history.

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