Roanoke VFD Patch

Huntington County
Emergency Management

Emergency Management is a state government organization that includes 2 full-time directors and a group of 25 volunteers. HCEMA provides a variety of services including traffic control during fire and police incidents, scene securityn and weather-spotting. HCEMA is unique from most groups in the state because it also provides county-wide Dive Rescue and Hazmat Response to assist local fire departments on larger incidents. HCEMA shares quarters with Hungtington County Rescue (a separate entity) and responds from a central station in the City of Huntington.

Roanoke VFD Patch
EMA 3592
EMA Unit 35-92 - Ford E-350/Dynamic Truck Bodies Custom Box Truck
35-92, is a 2002 Ford E-350 box truck, it is first out on haz-mat calls and also used on a variety of other scenes due to the fact that
there is a large amount of misc. equipment. This truck carries all of our operations level Haz-Mat equipment.   
3593 oss
EMA Unit 35-93 - 1998 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor
This vehicle is usually the first or second car out for traffic control, weather spotting, or haz-mat calls. On haz-mat calls this
car is used to transport manpower unless it is a small spill and it can be handled with the equipment that is in the car.
EMA 3598
EMA Unit 35-98 - 2001 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor
This unit responds the same as 35-93 above.All of the cars are stocked the same. Each has equipment for doing traffic control
(cones, flares, stop & slow signs) and they also carry material to be able to clean up small spills. There is also a limited supply
of PPE to use during spill clean up. 
EMA Unit 35-97 - 2002 Ford F-350 truck 4x4
This truck is used to pull the mobile command/communication trailer. This truck is also used to carry extra equipment to the scene if it is needed, and it can be used for traffic control if needed.
3597 and trailer
35-97 and the Command Trailer
Command Trailer
2006 CargoSport Mobile Command/Communications/Haz-Mat Response Unit
This trailer is kind of a catch all. It includes a county-wide mobile Command & Dispatch Center in case there is an issue that requires evacuation of the county dispatch center. There is also a rehab area in the trailer to be used on fire scenes for the firefighters. Finally, the trailer also carries all of our technician-level haz-mat equipment (level-A suits, meters, patch and plug kits and etc.).  
EMA Fleet
The EMA Fleet in quarters on Jefferson Avenue in Huntington
It's a tight fit for 5 of the 9 vehicles of HCEMA. This entrance faces east, while Huntington County Rescue faces out the
western door. The building was provided by the County and is shared by both departments.
Not pictured:
35-94 - 1998 Jeep Cherokee - Deputy Director's take-home vehicle.
35-95 - 1999 Mercury Mountaineer - Director's take-home vehicle.
35-91 and 35-96 - 1996 Ford Crown Victorias
These cars are usually third and fourth cars out for traffic control or weather spotting. 
A Brief Overview of Hungtington County EMA

Like most EMA's around Indiana, the Huntington County EMA is govenered by the County and by the State for day-to-day duties. HCEMA assists with traffic control on accident scenes, fire scenes and downed power lines. They also work a lot of details throughout the county for parades, special events, festivals and etc. HCEMA also does weather spotting so that the residents of Huntington County receive as much warning as possible for inclement/dangerous weather. They provide assistance with scene security, like sitting at a fire scene until the investigation can be done or setting up perimeters around crimes scenes. They assist with evacuations (there have helped evacuate an area of town because of a natural gas leak and then do a perimeter control around that scene). HCEMA provides a mobile command trailer for the fire departments and law enforcement to use. They  provide search and rescue with a team of 4 dogs and 3 handlers and a team of 12 ground pounders, which are people that are trained to search areas that may have clues dealing with crimes or missing people.

Unlike several other EMA's however, the HCEMA provides two unique services. They provide a dive team for county-wide rescues that is available for mutual-aid to surrounding counties. They also handle all Hazardous Material spills in the county that are beyond what the local fire department has the equipment or training to handle.

Special thanks to Director Brandon Taylor for his help in arranging for these pictures and for providing department
history and background.
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