Martin County Civil Defense
Fire & Rescue Division

The Town of Loogootee is located 110 miles southwest of Indianapolis in central Martin County. Originally organized in 1973 as the Martin Count Civil Defense, this all-volunteer fire department now includes 25 members who respond to 60 runs each year. MCFD serves primarily as a tanker-support department for areas lacking hydrants at nearby Shoals, Loogootee, Lost River and Haysville fire departments. MCCD also provides fire protection to their own small rural district in Mitchelltree Township in northern Martin County.

MCCD rigs
Martin County Civil Defense Crimson Twins
In 2007, MCCD began a significant update to the age and capabilities of it's apparatus fleet with these two rigs.

Rescue Engine 1 - 2009 International/Crimson Pumper - 1500gpm/1000gal
they also are having a new house built right now, on the same site. the old station was gone about 3 weeks ago.

Tk2 ds
Tanker 2 - 2007 International Workstar/Crimson - 1250gpm/3000gal
Tk2 os
Tanker 2 - 2007 International Workstar/Crimson - 1250gpm/3000gal
E3 ds
Engine 2 - 1984 Duplex/Walter Pumper - 1250gpm/750gal/50gal Foam
This apparatus originally served at the Crane NSWC and then Crane Village VFD from 1999-2008. MCCD aquired it in 2009, after the Crane Village FD dissolved. This truck will be repainted and relettered to run as a second-out engine.
E2 ds
Former Engine 2 - 1972 Mack CF/Bean Pumper - 1250gpm/750gal
This apparatus previously served Huntingburg from 1972-1992 and then South East Daviess FD of Alfordsville from 1992-2004.
A new International/Crimson 1250/1000 2-door pumper is scheduled to arrive in March 2009 to serve as Engine 1.
E2 os
Former Engine 2 - 1972 Mack CF/Bean Pumper - 1250gpm/750gal
Tk1 ds
Tanker 1 - 1972 REO 6x6/1992/1998 FD - 500gpm/2500gal
Originally built in 1992, this rig was rebuilt after an accident in 1998.
TK x2
Former Tanker 2 - 1973 Chubb Pathfinder (British built) - 2300gpm/3500gallon/450foam
This unique apparatus originally served the Port Authority of NY & NJ at Newark International Airport. It was purchased in 2000 for use as a 3500 gallon, 6x6, pump & roll tanker. However, part became very hard to find for this rig and it was retired in 2007.
R1 os
Rescue 1 - 1978 Ford E-350/Hurst - 200gpm/200gal/40gal Foam
This rig was purchased from Newmanstown, PA in 2003 and previously served Aspen, Colorado, thus the need for it's 4x4 capability. R-1 is equipped with Amkus Extrication tools.
R1 back
Rescue 1 - 1978 Ford E-350/Hurst - 200gpm/200gal/40gal Foam
R2 os
Rescue 2 - 1992 GMC Astro van/1996 FD Traffic Control Unit
This truck previously served as the department's light rescue. It will eventually be converted to use as a Medic quick-response vehicle.
Truck 6 os
Brush 6 - 1976 Dodge W300 - 150gpm/150gal
Brush 6 orginally served Shoals, IN prior to its purchased in 2001.

Former Martin County Fire Station - US 50 east of Loogootee, at the 4H grounds.
A new firehouse was under construction to replace this building on this same site during the late fall of 2009.

MCCD Rigs 2
This interesting department was organized after the Sheriff's Department ended their involvement as a Rescue Squad. At that time, the Martin County Civil Defense provided the only Rescue Squad for extrication throughout the county. It was then decided that Martin County would provide tanker support for both Loogootee & Shoals FD's since they covered unhydranted areas, but had no tankers!. Eventually, Mitchelltree Township contracted with MCFD for fire protection. Now both Loogootee & Shoals are starting to become extrication equipped, so MCFD is first due for extrication in both Mitchelltree and Lost River Townships, and is dual- toned for extrication anywhere else in Martin County. Otherwise, they are basically a support department for Shoals (Center & Halbert Twp's), Loogootee (Perry Twp), Lost River (Lost River Twp), and Haysville (out of Dubois County) which covers Rutherford Tonship in southern Martin County. MCFD is working toward providing First-Responder Medical protection in 2009.
Special thanks to Asst. Chief Andrew Ringwald and FF Andrew Hopkins for their help in arranging the apparatus for
these pictures and to Chief Monty Wolf for providing department background and history