Grissom Air Force Reserve Base
Fire Department

ARFF Crash Trucks and Hazmat Response

Grissom Air Reserve Base is located 60 miles north of Indianapolis along US-31 in southwest Miami County. This full-time department provides Fire, Rescue, Crash Rescue and Hazmat protection to the entire Grissom Campus. Their unique response district includes military and civilian buildings and homes.


Crash 2 - 1979 Oshkosh P15 2400gpm/6100gallons water/515gal Foam - serial #00002
This beast of a crash rig was only the 2nd of approximately 150 built for the military in the late1970's/early 80's. Crash 2's setup
includes 2-1200gpm pumps. The twin turrets can flow either 600gpm or 1200gpm each. When attacking fires, these were
intended to roll out the door with FF's standing and manning the large foam cannons on the roof! This may very well be the last
one of it's kind in active service.

P-15 turret
Crash 2's P-15 Foam Cannon View:
When attacking crash incidents, P-15's were intended to roll out the door with a driver and two FF's standing and manning the
large foam cannons on the roof!
Grissom Crash 3

Crash 3 - 1986 Oshkosh P19 - 1000gpm/1000gal water/180gal Foam

Crash 3 is the only ARFF truck that will respond to off-base incidents. It has been sent to incidents as far away as Logansport
and Delphi. The other crash rigs are simply too large and heavy to navigate the local roads and highways.
Grissom Crash 4

Crash 4 -1996 Oshkosh P23 - 1250gpm/3300gal water/350gal Foam

Grissom Crash 6

Crash 6 -1995 Oshkosh P23 - 1250gpm/3300gal water/350gal Foam

Hazmat 14
Haz-Mat 14 Trailer
14 includes Hazardous Materials containment and protection gear as well as a field command desk.
Decon 15
Haz-Mat Decon 15
Foam 12
Foam 19 - 2006 RKO Support Trailer
Foam 19 is currently towed by this unmarked 1980s vintage IHC stakebody "Hazmat" Truck. The two vehicles carry
Hazmat spill equipment and additional dry chemical foam for large incidents.
Foam Trailer 19
Foam Unit 19 - 2006 RKO Supply Trailer
Special Thanks to Asst. Chief John Ireland and FF Dennis Drapp for their help in arranging these pictures and
for providing department background!