Shelbyville Fire Department
Station 1

The City of Shelbyville is located 30 miles southwest of Indianapolis along I-74 in central Shelby County. This career department provides
Fire, Tactical Rescue and ALS protection to more than 18,000 residents from it's 3 stations.

Station 1

SFD Fire Station 1 (Headquarters) - 40 W. Broadway St.
This state-of-the-art building was completed in 2006 on the site of the former station and another building in downtown Shelbyville.
This huge station now boasts 4-drive through bays and is home to several frontline and reserve Fire and EMS apparatus.

Engine 1 side

Rescue Engine 1 - 2005 Pierce Enforcer Rescue Pumper (#16602) - 1500gpm/750gal
Like all of the engines at SFD, E-1 carries a full set of extrication tools along with it's various firefighting equipment.

E1 os
Rescue Engine 1 - 2005 Pierce Enforcer Rescue Pumper (#16602) - 1500gpm/750gal
Tower 1 - Sutphen - 95' Mid-mount platform

Tower 1 - 1993 Sutphen 95' Mid-mount platform (#HS2863) - 1500gpm/350gal

T1 sun
Tower 1 - 1993 Sutphen 95' Mid-mount platform (#HS2863) - 1500gpm/350gal
Tac 1 os 

Tactical 1 - 1990 International/Southern Ambulance/2006 FD
Tac-1 carries additional tools and specialty rescue equipment for advanced tactical and swift water rescue.

Engine 3 - 1986 Pierce Dash 1250gpm/750gal

Reserve Engine 4 - 1987 Pierce Dash Pumper (#E3996) - 1000gpm/750gal
This truck formerly served as Engine 3 until 2006. It served as SFD's reserve engine until December 2008 when it was replaced
by the previous Engine 2 KME. It will be sold by the department in 2009.

T5 ds
Truck 5 - 1999 Ford F-350/FD Custom - 200gpm/300gal
T-5 serves as the first-due for Brush/Grass fires throughout the City. It also carries an array of basic medical equipment.
Medic 1 - Ford E-450

Medic 1 - 2006 E-450/MedTec ALS Ambulance
SFD provides ALS service throughout the city with one ambulance at Station 1 and one at Station 2. A third is kept in reserve
at Station 1. However, all three units are rotated to control wear and mileage.

M3 os

Medic 3 - 2007 Ford E-450/ MedTec

Battalion Chief - Chevy Suburban Command Vehicle

Deputy Chief - Chevy Suburban Command Vehicle

BC1 os

Battalion 1 - 2001 Chevy K2500 4x4 Command Vehicle
This rig is driven by the Battalion Chief each shift and serves as a Command Truck. It resides at Station 1.

Shelbyville Fire and Lifeline

Shelbyville Fire personnel stand clear as Lifeline lifts off to transport a critical MVA patient to the Methodist Trauma Center in Indianapolis. Medic 1 and Battalion 1 can be seen in the background.

Shelbyville Fire Department